Conservatory Conversions Scotland, Fife, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen

Gain A Room are specialists in stylish conservatory conversions in Scotland and we have completed thousands of conversions across Edinburgh, Fife, Glasgow and Aberdeen.

Designed to create a place in your home that provides light and space, they can be a great way to bring the outdoors into your home – without the weather. There’s a variety of designs for conservatories and they make a beautiful addition to your house. You can use them for different activities: a conservatory makes an excellent dining room, a place to socialise or even a playroom for children.

Conservatory Conversions in Scotland| Handling the Scottish Weather

However, it’s not unusual to find that your conservatory can overheat in the summer and be difficult to heat in winter, this is a common problem for conservatory conversions in Scotland. The culprit is the standard conservatory roof: poor insulation properties leads to poor temperature control. It can be disappointing to find that your conservatory isn’t fit for use throughout the year. Poorly insulated rooms allow heat to escape much quicker when it’s cold. It takes a lot more time to heat these rooms, and they need much more energy to be kept warm.

The Solution is Simple

If you find that your conservatory suffers from this problem, there’s an easy fix. Gain-A-Room can convert the internal roof structure of the conservatory. The high-spec, lightweight insulation system will help to regulate the temperature and give you a room that you can use all year round. The unique system we use means your conservatory retains its outward appearance while you enjoy a traditional roof on the inside.

Our high-spec insulation system consists of a 38mm lightweight composite insulation system. It’s made up of 19 layers of reflective material – equivalent to 270mm of mineral wool insulation. The results are stunning, with the potential to transform your conservatory or sunroom into a thermally efficient room perfect whatever the temperature is outside. Your conservatory will become a room you can enjoy in all seasons.

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