Extensions Across Scotland, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Fife And Stirling.

We have carried our hundreds of extensions in Scotland, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Fife And Stirling.

When you buy a home, it can be impossible to know what the future will bring for you and your family. A house that was the perfect size when you first moved into it can suddenly become too cramped should a new arrival join the family. Or you may change to working from home and find there’s no space for a private office.

Our priorities and needs change over time and sometimes our houses need to change with them. The good thing is you don’t have to move to gain the room. Our homes are more than just the building alone, and there’s no need to leave an area where you’ve put roots down. Moving can be complicated, in between dealing with paperwork and arranging things. It takes time to find a new house and to physically move your possessions. If it’s more space that you need, extending your current home can provide that. We are trusted and have carried out many successful extensions across Scotland, your house’s future in safe in our hands.

We’re Experienced in Home Improvement

While an extension is relatively simple compared to moving, it’s still a big project to take on.

To carry out extensions in Scotland correctly, all regulations must be met. It’s important to make sure that regulations are complied with and that if you require the services of an architect that they understand the brief. Gain-A-Room is able to handle many of the associated administrative issues that a project presents, such as handling architect’s drawings and applying for Building Regulations approval.

As our team is equipped to carry out the full build, you won’t have to deal with the hassle of multiple contractors either with gives us an advantage over other companies which offer extensions throughout Scotland. It’s worth noting that creating a new room from scratch isn’t the only way to make space in your home for a new study or rec room. A garage conversion or conservatory roof conversion could give you the space you need.

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