Will you deal with my local council and apply for a building warrant or planning on my behalf?

Our architect will draw the plans for your conversion. We’ll then send them off with your building warrant application to your local council.

This will be included in your fixed price. We inform the local building control department of the planned conversion under a building control notice. As part of general building regulations, they will then send out a building control officer to inspect and monitor the garage conversion as the work gets underway.

Is Gain A Room Home Improvements Ltd fully insured for the work you carry out?

We have public liability as do our workers to cover any potential problem.


How long will the Garage Conversion work take?

A typical conversion will only take 5-10 days. In most cases we can fully complete your conversion within 7 working days.

How much will the Garage Conversion cost?

Our garage conversions start from £5,995. Our proposals fully detail all works to be carried out and the quotation is a fixed price, including waste removal and local authority building notice. There are no hidden costs.

Conservatory Roof Conversions

Will I lose much light?

No, the standard polycarbonate roof is opaque and limits light intrusion, with the majority of light delivered into the conservatory through the windows and doors.

The newly painted white roof also brightens up the space and reflects the light that comes through the windows and doors, dramatically increasing interior luminosity. On average, it should only result in a modest light loss of about 5% at most.

Will it look different?

If it’s an internal conservatory roof conversion, only on the inside. Nothing will change outside. If it’s a full-replacement roof conversion then it will look more like a sunroom, and internally you’ll have a solid vaulted plastered ceiling.

You won’t lose any head height because the system follows the existing profile of the vaulted roof.

Will the roof require cross ventilation?

Yes, an air gap is essential. It is provided within the system by ventilation created behind the external guttering, ensuring that there is enough air circulation to prevent condensation being formed.

What effect will the additional weight do to the roof?

There should be no effect, as conservatory insulation is surprisingly lightweight. Conservatory roofs are either galvanised mild steel or aluminium and are designed to withstand wind, snow and human traffic, with huge tolerances.