Flat Roof And Moss Removal

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Flat Roof Moss Removal in Glasgow,Edinburgh, Fife, Aberdeen, Scotland

We are experts at completing roof moss removal throughout Scotland including Glasgow, Edinburgh, Fife and Aberdeen.

Gain-A-Room can install Firestone’s EPDM rubber flat roof system.

When it comes to roofing options for buildings such as garages; sheds or extensions, rubber roofing is an excellent choice. Installation is fast and convenient. The rubber roof can be installed within one day – it’s seamless too, due to being installed in one piece.

Firestone’s EPDM rubber roofing is BBA certified for durability so you can be confident that it’ll last. Rubber roofs have advanced over the years and now offer a lifetime of around 40 years. They’re able to withstand a range of weather conditions and are resistant against extremes of hot and cold. Regular maintenance isn’t necessary. Wiping it down occasionally is generally sufficient to get your roof looking as clean as ever.

Good for the Environment

It possesses good insulation properties, meaning less heat lost through your roof and increased thermal efficiency. Not only that, but Greenpeace recommends Firestone EPDM roofs – it conforms to the ISO standards regarding environmental rules and regulations.

We know price and value for money are important: Firestone EPDM roofs are affordably priced and because there’s less materials and construction involved, you’re able to save money there too.

Moss Removal Services Glasgow

When the moss cover is light then it isn’t much of an issue.

However when moss appears on your roof, it will eventually spread and the coverage will become thicker. That’s the point where you need to think seriously about having it removed. Moss can damage roof tiles – as it grows it can get underneath, pushing the tiles up and threatening the roof’s integrity.

Water can get into the gaps. Longer term, moss can start to degrade the roof tiles: it’s the natural predator of stone, after all. If that’s not reason enough, it does look rather untidy.

Moss Removal Techniques

When removing moss from your roof, we will never use power-hosing. Using such a violent method on your roof can damage the tiles and you should be wary of any company that recommends this. Power-hosing will impact the lifespan of your tiles as it removes their surface.

We’ll manually remove the moss using wire brushes after an examination of each tile. It’s completely effective for removing moss and won’t damage the roof.

How to Keep the Moss Away?

After cleaning the moss from your roof, we’ll then apply a safe but powerful bio-fungicide to ensure that any moss, algae and lichen will be killed. This helps ensure that your roof will stay clean.

Optionally, we can install a copper ridge onto your roof, providing a long-term solution to guard against moss. Over time, this will release a moss-repelling compound. It looks nice too.

If you need roof moss removal in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Fife, Aberdeen or any other regions in Scotland contact us at contact us today for a quote on 01383 824758.