Conservatory Roof Conversion

Conservatory Roof Conversion is Vital

You might be wondering what a conservatory roof conversion is supposed to do.

When it comes to conservatories, people often think of them as rooms only fit for use in the summer. Conservatories in Aberdeen, anyone? This might be due to the fact that it’s expected for conservatories to be difficult to heat and therefore too cold for regular use during winter.

This is actually because the materials generally used in the construction of conservatory roofs have poor insulation properties. Poor insulation means the heat escapes much quicker, making them really difficult to keep warm in winter.

You don’t have to resign yourself to thinking of your conservatory as a summer room and a place to avoid in the winter, however.

Owners of conservatories in Aberdeen?

It’s an issue worth considering with the great Scottish weather – especially when it comes to conservatories in Aberdeen where it can get pretty cold.

Conservatory roof conversion can transform your conservatory into a year round room by simply converting the roof. We’ll install a special high-spec insulation system. It consists of a 38mm lightweight composite insulation system. We can install a combination of 19 layers of reflective material – equivalent to 270mm of mineral wool insulation.

Your conservatory can retain its outward appearance while being transformed into a thermally-efficient room for year round activities. Your conservatory can keep its good looks but get all the benefits of a flash new roof: this is an inner roof replacement.

Conservatory roof conversion have a transformative effect. The process means the room is suitable for year round use, opening it up your home. We’re conservatory roof conversion specialists: we have years of experience in carrying out conservatory conversions in Scotland. It’s not just conservatories in Aberdeen: we’ve worked all over Scotland and have helped many happy customers to gain a room.

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