Single Garage Conversion

Single Garage Conversions Glasgow

What use could a single garage conversion be?

Well, if your garage has fallen out of use then it may be worth considering one. There’s a lot of potential in a garage that’s lying empty, as hard as it is to manage a place used as storage for the debris of decades ever being useful again. A standard-sized garage has sufficient space to be converted into a decent sized room.

Have you been wishing you had an extra room to use as a playroom or a study? If you have an unused garage then that may be the solution. If you’re wondering who could handle your garage conversions in Glasgow and across the country, then Gain-A-Room can help.

Gain-A-Room is the Answer

We provide a complete service when we carry out your single garage conversion.

Our team is composed of highly qualified craftsmen – for example, our electrician is SELECT qualified and our gas engineers are Gas Safe Registered. You can rest assured that when Gain-A-Room is working on your property that the work will be carried out safely and efficiently.

We’ll handle everything, including the necessary applications for the work to be carried out – such as Building Regulation Approval. We’re responsible from design to completion: with us, you get a one-stop service.

Why choose Gain-A-Room?

Gain-A-Room is highly experienced in performing  the modern single garage conversion.

Since 2009 our team has carried out over 300 conversions for delighted customers. All conversions that we carry out are covered by a 10-year guarantee. Our responsibility for our work doesn’t end when we’ve packed up our tools. Our aim is to enable you to have complete confidence in the work.

We are the leaders at garage conversions in Scotland  ? Give us a call today on 01383 824758

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