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Gain A Room is the trading name of Gain A Room Contracting Limited (The company)


  1. In the following conditions, the Company will be Gain A Room Contracting Ltd, and the customer will be the person named overleaf.
  2. The customer agrees to pay the total balance on day of completion to the appointed contractor. Non-payment will invalidate any guarantee, or any remedial work being rectified.
  3. The company cannot be held responsible for moving, disturbing or redirecting any cables during the installation. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure and such cables are removed prior to the installation and reinstated after, unless specified in the contract.
  4. The company will not be held responsible for any delays which are out with its control. This includes fire, industrial action and severe weather conditions or where local authority permission is required. No claims for consequential loss will be accepted.
  5. The customer will supply electricity etc. for the use of tools free of charge.
  6. The customer will afford the company all necessary access for skip or scaffolding if necessary.
  7. The company neither claim nor guarantees to eliminate condensation. Proper control of atmosphere conditions within the property is essential to minimise this.
  8. The company will install the products using standard company methods which may vary in line with the policy.
  9. The company is not responsible for any redecoration unless specified in the contract, including tiles which may need to be removed. The company is not responsible for the failure of any existing boiler to cope with any additional radiators that are fitted as part of the contract.
  10. If the company need to open up a ceiling or wall in another part of the property to access pipes or cables, this will be patched and skimmed, the company will not carry out any redecoration unless specifically specified.
  11. The company will endeavour to supply as close a brick match or roughcast as possible to the existing property, an exact match cannot be guaranteed.
  12. If the surveyor, Architect or Structural Engineer finds evidence of existing problems with the structure, pipes or cables or the need for alterations of these issues which are likely to give rise to additional cost to the contract price of the installation, the company will advise the customer of this cost. If the customer refuses to pay the additional costs and choose to cancel the contract, the customer will be liable for all costs incurred by the company to this point.
  13. If it appears a satisfactory installation cannot be achieved, the company will after notifying the customer, have the right to cancel the contract. No claims for loss arising from such circumstances will be considered.
  14. The contract may only be cancelled within 10 days from the date of signing. In the event of cancellation by the customers out with this period, the customer will reimburse the company its reasonable costs incurred, on the following scale: a. 25% of the total outstanding contract prior to commencement of survey. b.80% of the total outstanding contract after survey but prior to commencement of installation.
  15. Complaints regarding the glass must be notified to us within 48 hours after installation. The company wish to draw the customers’ attention to the fact that certain minor imperfections and blemishes are possible in glass and provided these are within permissible tolerances laid down within the industry, the company will not be under any obligation to replace glass or sealed units.
  16. In the unlikely event of any remedial work being required after installation, the company shall carry out such work, on payment by the customer of the full sums due in the contract agreed between parties in advance, less a reasonable deduction never to exceed 10% of the total outstanding balance. Such deduction shall never be given without prior consent from the company and such deductions shall be due and payable immediately after remedial work is complete.
  17. Plaster work will not be remedied until a minimum of 5 months has elapsed from the final day of work, this will allow for settlement.
  18. Unless specifically stated all materials removed during installation will be transported off site & disposed of.
  19. The customer is solely responsible for obtaining any planning permission or building warrant required, unless the company has specifically agreed to (where applicable) represent the customer with these submissions. In either case the customer will be responsible for any Local Authority Fees involved.
  20. If the company applies for planning permissions or building warrant on behalf of the customer in writing of any such applications. Application in no way (where applicable) implies that permission will be granted.
  21. If planning permission or building warrant is rejected by the Local Authority for any reason, the company accepts no liability for any claim for sub sequential loss.
  22. The customer shall be responsible for all Local Authority Fees incurred in respect of all submissions, successful or unsuccessful and whether made by the (where applicable) customer or the company on behalf of the customer.
  23. The company will charge interest at 4% above The Bank of Scotland base lending rate on a daily basis, on late payments.
  24. Non-compliance with Condition (21) above will invalidate the company’s guarantee.
  25. All goods will remain the property of the company until paid in full.
  26. The company undertake to repair or replace free of charge any work carried out which prove defective as a result of faulty materials or workmanship within 10 years from the date of installation. Electrical & Plumbing work carries a 1 year guarantee.
  27. If the Local Authority ask for a Structural Engineers Report (SER) to approve your building warrant, this is not included, including any other additional subsequent costs relating to the SER in the contract price of the installation.
  28. You should not wait for your building regulations completion certificate before paying the balance in full. In some cases the Local Authority can take up to 8 weeks to send this document, which is out of our control. If the total balance is not paid in full by the customer, the company will charge interest at 4% above The Bank of Scotland base lending rate accruing on a daily basis on the outstanding balance due to the customer.
  29. The company will send the 10 Year guarantee and relevant documents once the customer has paid the total balance in full.
  30. The company cannot guarantee an exact match on any d├ęcor glass i.e. lead, Georgian bar or stick on astragals.
  31. The company cannot ever guarantee a match on internal doors, some doors are exclusive and may not be available to the company.
  32. The company can’t be held responsible for any suspension or lost days on the job by the Local Authority so they can inspect the work during the project; (where applicable) this is completely out of our control and depends fully on when the Local Authority is available.
  33. The company does not fill nail holes in the woodwork; this is the responsibility of a decorator.
  34. The company advises that you do not arrange other services until the job is completed by us and accepts no responsibility for any costs incurred if you do.
  35. The company may take photographs of our work for marketing purposes, these remain the property of Gain-A-Room Home Contracting Ltd.

Contract terms and conditions updated 12th July 2018.