uPVC Doors Glasgow

uPVC Doors in Glasgow

There’s a variety of reasons that you may be looking for uPVC doors in Glasgow.

Doors have to put up with a lot – it’s the door’s job to keep the bad weather out of your house and keep you safe too. In addition to all of that, we’re all guilty of having to run out of the house and maybe carelessly slamming the door as we go. With that said, it’s not surprising that they start to look a bit worn after years of service or stop working as well.

Wooden doors might be showing signs of rot setting in – while it looks nice, wood is susceptible to wet weather and can warp in damp conditions. Which is a good reason to look for UPVC doors in Glasgow. Another common problem is the weather-stripping, which can become worn over the years affecting the door’s seal, which can lead to draughts.

Durable in all Weather Conditions

Our uPVC doors in Glasgow are weatherproof, offering high performance against all weather conditions.

This is fairly important in Scotland where our weather’s famous for squeezing the four seasons into one day. uPVC doesn’t experience the same problems with wet weather as wood does, making it a very convenient solution. uPVC doors are very easy to maintain as well: when they get dirty, it’s as simple as taking a damp cloth to them.

Gain-A-Room’s uPVC doors in Glasgow are secure too – we understand how important your door is when it comes to home security. Our doors feature robust security hinges and the unique system we use ensure that they can’t be forced on the hinge side. Add to that a strong multi-locking system incorporating three steel hook bolts and you can be sure that your door will keep you safe.

We offer a wide range of finishes and colours on our uPVC doors in Glasgow. If the only thing that’s putting you off is the vision of plain white doors, then take a look at our selection. Finishes such as rosewood and oak are available – there’s the benefit of the style without the drawbacks.

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